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I really don't know what is going on out there. The market is all over the place, which could be a sign of things to come.

Over the last couple of days I have written 4 very reasonable offers on condos, in various price ranges, with only one acceptance. This one acceptance was on a loft in Mount Pleasant, near Cambie Street, which had amazing views, 18 foot ceilings, and a huge deck. My client loved...

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By Nico Saieh — Filed under: Houses , Selected , , , , , – via Arch Daily


Architects: Della Valle Bernheimer
Location: Lake Candlewood, New Fairfield, CT,
Partner in Charge: Andrew Bernheimer
Project Manager: Erik Helgen
Project Team: Jared Della Valle, Brian Butterfield, Adam Ruedig, Suzanne Stefan
Contractor: Hammersmith Inc.
Project Area:...

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City’s housing affordability problem boils down to too many people on too little land

What drives Vancouver’s house prices so relentlessly to levels four times higher than Winnipeg’s, and more than half again what Torontonians pay?

It’s simple, says Tsur Somerville of UBC Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate.

“If you want Winnipeg-level house prices here, all...

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Canadian architect Paul Bernier designed an extension and overall transformation to this secluded house for his family of four in Montreal.

mb_170810_01-940x844-copy.jpg mb_170810_02-630x1024.jpg mb_170810_03-940x2006.jpg mb_170810_04-940x538.jpg mb_170810_05-940x1363.jpg mb_170810_07-940x479.jpg mb_170810_09-940x921.jpg

The Bernier-Thibault Residence by Paul Bernier

The house is in Montréal, on a densely built block in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood. An extension and a transformation of the house had to be made to allow for a family of four. Two rooms had to be added, one...

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These stats are telling us one thing, but I will tell you that there is a different experience on the ground. The market has indeed slowed, but for those looking for a nice two bedroom on the Westside, a decent townhouse in Vancouver or the shore, or a single family house for under $1.3 in Vancouver, there is no quality product out there. Also, it is important to understand that even though sales are...

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By Nico Saieh — VIA Arch Daily


Architects: Studio 27 Architecture
Location: Fire Island Pines, NY, USA
Principal in Charge: Todd Ray, AIA
Project Architect: Bethan Llewellyn
Contractor: Bill Santangelo
Project Area: 1,550 sq ft
Project Year: 2005-2007
Photographs: Judy Davis

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1280787010-hdphoto-070807-06-fs-adjust.jpg 1280787021-hdphoto-070807-9a-fs-adjuat-750x1000.jpg 1280787027-hdphoto-070807-12-fs-adjust.jpg 1280787032-hdphoto-070807-15a-fs-adjust.jpg 1280787036-hdphoto-070807-16a-fs-adjust.jpg 1280787040-hdphoto-070807-20-fs-adjust.jpg  


The House on Fire Island is a summer beach house in the resort community of the Pines...

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Unique home via the Contemporist

Cory Buckner Architects designed a second story addition and entire house remodel for the Korman residence in Brentwood, California.


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The Korman Residence by Cory Buckner Architects

In 2005, Dr. Jeremy and Ann Korman commissioned Cory Buckner, Architect to design a remodel to their Brentwood home. With two daughters and a French bulldog,...

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