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What's Going on with the market?

September should bring with it a better sense of where the market is going. The media has been saying a lot about how the market is going to start to suffer, due to diminished affordability from high prices, but I'm still seeing a lot of buyers eager to get into the market, or to move up. The media mostly speaks in general terms, so everything that is said in the news, has to undergo a little more scrutiny as to what the stats and reports are indicating. I do agree that some segments of the market are hinging on ridiculous, but other areas, mostly the midrange properties between $400k and $700k, or homes under $1M, are still experiencing a lot of demand. With that said, this summer was a bit unpredictable, so things could tale off if there is an onslaught of new homes for sale.

Typically we see a flood of new buyers and listings hit the market in the middle of September that lasts until the beginning of November, bringing with it a higher level of sales activity. If you are looking to make a move this fall from one home to another, it's really important to be doing this early in the selling cycle, just in case it takes time to get your home sold. In the Spring, this is less of a concern, as you still have a fairly active Summer coming up, but in the Fall, things fall off a cliff in December and January. If you're thinking of selling, come up with a plan well in advance, and it will save you a bunch of stress.

On another note, please note my contact info has changed, as well as the brokerage that I'm with.

Blu Realty has served me well, but over the last 6 months, I've felt that myself and my clients can benefit from what a larger brokerage has to offer.

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Wedged into a tight lot along Lake Candlewood in New Fairfield, Connecticut, this new home’s form and structure was derived from observations of trees and an adaptation of local building techniques. The project began with studies of leaf canopies, accumulated ring structures, and the dappled light that filters through groups of trees. Multiple study models in several media (concrete, acrylic, wood, plaster), investigated how light flows through perforations in these various materials. We used these models to observe, secondarily, how certain materials would be suited to creating a stable, discrete, but minimal structure. During the formative process we were interested in designing a house that seemed in large part to float and protect, much like the tree canopies on the site shelter the ground beneath them. ...Read More »

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