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I've been really enjoying my NEST Smart Thermostat, and now they're unveiled another project that I'm excited to get. Called the NEST Protect, it's a Smart Smoke Alarm and CO2 Detector. It's designed to produce fewer false alarms and less annoying alerts. 

Just like the Smart Thermostat, it connects to your home's wireless network and has a corresponding app for your Smart Phone. When the NEST...

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Vancouver Special 2.0

Looking to combat the high cost of living and bring a sense of style and design to the city of Vancouver, Michael Katz along with wife and co-designer Janet Corne have designed a modern pre-fab triplex thats will fit on the average Vancouver lot (33' x 122'). With these factory built homes, one lot is transformed into a high quality revenue generator, more so than a normal home...

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This modern 3 level penthouse is pretty amazing. The original gothic accents and wood beams, mixed with modern finishings, glass and give this home an incredible design. Located in London, this place was extensively renovated to become what it is today. Take a look at the pictures..

More pictures can be found at herecourtesy of

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This home looks very well done. Lots of concrete, but the addition of wood, lighting and steel make it feel less industrialized than you would expect. The high ceilings are a great touch. The home is in Mexico, and the architects tried to inporporate only elements that have a purpose or use. Unfortunately there are no interior photos, but I'd imagine they continued the industrialized yet warm style....

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Check out this place! It's the original farmhouse that was recently renovated to give the house a slightly modern edge while keep most of it's original charm. This massive window gives the main living space an always spectacular view of their surroundings. Given the size of the window, you can only assume that the designers made every attempt to keep the home as efficient as possible using good quality...

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I really wish that we had wider lots in Vancouver, because it would be so amazing to build a 1 level place like this. To read The Contemporist article, click here


Images courtesy of

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Prepare yourself. Knowing what lies ahead during renovations can save your nerves and smooth the process. Whether is getting permits from the City of Vancouver, or spending your time picking out each colour, fixture and piece of furniture, renovations can take a long time. Don't be deterred, just be prepared before diving in. 

This great article from lists "11 Things to Expect with your...

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Ninja Blocks are tiny cloud enabled computers that can sense their environment by receiving input from a variety of sensors & can affect their surroundings by controlling lights, power sockets, and other actuators. 

The Rules App is the simplest possible way to get the devices in your life talking to both each other and your favorite web applications.

Without writing a line of code you can:...

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Here is a very cool gadget called Lockitron. Though I've ordered it, I haven't gotten a chance to use it myself. It's as simple as placing the Lockitron over the deadbolt on your door! It connects to your phone, so you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere and you can share the ability to operate the door with your friends and family, all without seeing the device from the outside of your house....

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Imagine looking to adda new floor to your existing 1950's split level home.. then having to tear down and start from new.. it's like taking one step back to move a huge leap forward! 

Designed with cantilevers (the wings of the house that extend with the support coming from the side, rather than underneath), full of stone and wood, and with 3 ceiling heights to add to to the drama, this home is...

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