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Take a look at this Huffington Post artcile about Vancouver Special Renovations - I'm featured thanks to my Vancouver Special Renovation blog that I did about my own house. 

Here are a few excerpts from the article: 

Vancouver Specials used to be the ugly stepsister of the city’s housing stock, snubbed because of its working class roots and boxy utilitarian design. But the distinctive...

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Take a look at this video from about Vancouver Specials. I'm featured in the last half thanks to my experiecne renovating my own home. If you have any questions about the work involved, the design, or more, send me an email at or give me a call at 604-727-7612.

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Here is a fairly recent picture of the Exterior of my Vancouver Special Renovation. A few changes and updates to the interior and exterior to go, but we're loving the house! The location is fantastic, being across from a park and a block to a great part of Main street. 

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Here's what you've been waiting for - the interior shots of my Vancouver Special Renovation! I was finally able to organize enough to take some pictures, without my kids toys scattered everywhere. Also, it took us sometime to choose things like the light fixtures, and without those the space really isn't complete.


Finishing touches still need to be done, including hanging art, but these photos should...

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Since I last blogged about our Vancouver Special Renovation, we've completed a few things on the exterior of the house. Check out the latest pictures:


First up - the exterior lighting. When we were deciding what to do for lighting on the front of the house, there were a few challenges to overcome. Due to the fact that we only had two circuits to run all of the exterior lighting, we needed and wanted...
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Now that we've finished with the installation of the Tyvek (waterproofing) and strapping, we were ready to start with the siding. There are a number of different types of metal siding to go with, but which one would look best? In this case, we decided to go with a wider offset, just to make sure that the front didn't look too busy. We were going to keep the brick (eventually painted), so if we were...

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It's been awhile since I've posted anything about the house, so here's an update. Although we finished the interior in the spring, this update will focus on the second phase of the project. We started re-surfacing the exterior of the house, both the front and back. I've seen a number of the cedar and stucco combinations that have been used, and while they look good, I wanted to try something a little...

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Blog Post2.jpg
We're finally coming down the home stretch with this reno.

The solid bamboo floors were totally different from what we ordered, but they still worked with the space, so we went ahead with them anyways. I really wanted to do what we could to dampen the noise for our tenants downstairs, so we installed high density rubber padding underneath the hardwood, then nailed through everything at once. In the ...

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rob_zwick_vancouver_homes 2011-02-2755.jpg
This is a little delayed, but better late then never.

Now we are beginning to put everything back together. The drywallers have a been through, so that has allowed for the painter, electrician, and plumber to start to work towards their final inspections. Probably the more noticeable addition, has been the installation of the pot lights throughout the house. We have gone with MR-16 lights in the kitchen...

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